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    Testpoint Guide

    S founder
    S founder

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    Testpoint Guide

    Post by DR.APE_GSM on 24.05.09 4:30

    Testpoint Guide

    Here's my take on doing testpoints:

    Tools needed from top to bottom:

    ''1. T6 (for most moto phones) OR T5 (for L6) Screwdriver

    2. Dremel Cordless drill with 2 speed settings and a tungsten carbide cutting bit (Dremel Part # 9906)

    3. A dental pick (or if you can't get your hands on one, try to get an awl from the hardware store)

    4. Exacto Knife

    5. Testpoint Location (Download and unzip Testpoint Locations)
    Not in picture (a small sewing needle taped on the blunt end - just to make it easier to hold)

    There are just 9 easy steps to doing this:

    Step 1: Remove the Screws. (I don't think you guys need any help on this)

    Step 2: Remove board (Shown is the V3i)

    Just put your fingernails slowly through and the phone will open. Be very careful not to force the phone open

    Step 3: Disconnect Flex and other connectors

    Step 4: Drill
    Use slow speed settings. Slowly grind aways the metal shield until it
    is thin enough to cut with the exacto knife. Test it a few times so you
    know that it's thin enough.

    Step 5: Cut
    Make a slit with the exacto knife

    Step 6: Open
    Use the dental pick to slowly and carefully pry open the shield. DO NOT
    force the pick inside. If you cannot open it up with minimal force,
    then the shield is not thin enough. Use a small hand vac to vacuum out
    the metal shavings from the shield. Make sure you take everything out
    since this might cause a short.

    Step 7: Ground
    To ground the testpoint, just touch the end of the sewing needle to the
    testpoint and then let the needle touch the metal shield.

    Step 8: Connect Power supply
    Connect the battery to the phone with testpoint still grounded

    Step 9: Disconnect ground and Hold until done
    Disconnect the needle and connect USB cable. Phone should immediately
    be found by as "S Blank ...". Just keep the phone powered to keep it in
    blank mode. You can either hold this or use a little tape.

    Here's for those models with Alternate Testpoint locations outside the metal shield
    Get a long piece of wire and a sewing needle. Thread the wire into the needle.

    S founder
    S founder

    Posts : 128
    Join date : 2009-05-19

    Re: Testpoint Guide

    Post by DR.APE_GSM on 24.05.09 4:31

    Attach tape on the needle where you
    would touch it (I prefer the hole) then tape the other end of the
    needle to the metal shield. Your needle is now grounded so just go
    ahead with the Testpoint.

    Here are two more testpoint locations for the V3 Razr R374.
    I think this was first posted by omygodisitme.

    And this one I saw on one of MotoCat's posts. For the test point
    provided by Motocat "Just run a wire from the tp under the shield out
    to the battery compartment to a gold wire wrap pin and embed in the
    This is for easy Testpoint Access whenever needed. Thanks to MotoCat!"

    I decided to post them here for easy reference. For the first location, you can do the same as above.
    And Finally, The new SLVR L9 Testpoint Location.


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    Re: Testpoint Guide

    Post by =dark_angels= on 24.05.09 18:57

    nice thread bro.... keep it up... thanks...

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    Re: Testpoint Guide

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