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    Protecting your P-Key...........


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    Protecting your P-Key...........

    Post by rejeev9977 on 25.05.09 4:13

    I'm sure you are all aware that we have to be on out
    guard with so much handy software that contains a trojan P-Key Killer

    Here are a few tips to help you beat the killers:

    1. Fit a USB to USB Extension Cable so that you can run this to your
    destop and you can plug in and unplug your P-Key with out a lot of
    messing around!

    2. Rename JAF.EXE to something like SAFE.EXE and set it as Read Only.

    3. This is probably the most secure! Use WinZIP or WinRAR to compress
    JAF.EXE to either JAF.ZIP or JAF.RAR now you can double click on this
    file and WinZIP or WinRAR will open and you can then run the program
    from there after you OK the warning message! You can also set a
    password to make things extra secure!

    4. Make a batch file to execute JAF.EXE it should go something like this:

    @echo off
    dir /d jaf.exe
    echo Check the File Size is between 2.9 - 3.1MB
    echo Use CONTROL C to Stop Running JAF if File Size Wrong!!!

    To save you typing I'll attach the file here for you; simply un-RAR it
    and copy to your JAF folder. It's called JAFCHK.BAT but you can of
    course rename it. Feel free to edit as you wish. This of course shows
    my age by being able to remember DOS batch commands!

    At the end of the day nothing is foolproof just using some sensible precautions should however give you some protection!

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