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    Step by Step guide on how to install fresh winXP


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    Step by Step guide on how to install fresh winXP Empty Step by Step guide on how to install fresh winXP

    Post by Sniper_04 on 26.08.09 22:09

    cmos setup

    1. intel motherboard press F2
    other brand of motherboard press del or delete

    2. cmos setup

    * kailangan mai-set yung cdrom sa boot sequence or first boot device press Page up/Page down to select the cdrom..then press ESC

    3. press F10 para ma-save yung settings or pwede din manual na i-select yung save settings then press Y 

    4 automatic restart..

    booting windows

    1. put the bootable cd sa cdrom 

    2. boot from cdrom press Enter ( wait lang ng ilang minute depende sa speed ng PC )

    3. then magtatanong ulit yan may 3 option na pag-pipilian 

    1. setup windows 
    2. repair windows
    3. quit

    so kung bago yung Hard Dsik just press Enter..the use of repair is for future problem na pwedeng ma-encounter..

    4. tapos may agreement press F8

    5. * kung may previous na Operating System sa Hard Disk lalabas na option enter din lang yun

    * kung wala namang laman diretso na agad yan sa partition

    6. partition Hard Disk depende na sayo kung paano nyo hahatiin ang capacity ng Hard Disk nyo.

    * to create partition press C then type yung capacity ng Hard Disk you desire press Enter

    * if you want to change your partition just press D to delete the partition then optional press Enter and press L.

    7. kung ok na yung partition..

    select the target drive better select the default drive which is drive C..

    8. you can choose wether Fat 32 or NTFS yung gusto nyo na klase ng format the partition..

    note : sarili kong experience kung medyo mababa lang naman yung capacity set it to Fat 32 pero kung malaking capacity no choice but to select NTFS nasa sa inyo pa rin yan kung anong klaseng partition ang gustong piliin.

    9. 4 na option meron dun you can chose normal Fat 32, normal NTFS or quick Fat32 ,quick NTFS it's up to you..kung nakapili na press enter to continue and format the partition if not just press ESC...

    note : ako madalas kong piliin ang quick kasi nagmamadali ako eh..

    10. wait and it will automatically format and install windows..

    11. after that it will automatically restart in 15 secs.or you can manual restart it by press Enter

    12. then it will now go to windows setup..

    13. just follow the instructions in setting up your windows..

    14. you can use this serial # V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J or you can use your own if you have..

    15. wait until it finish the setup..

    16. install na yung mga driver kung hindi automatic na detect..

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