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    ..:: Cruiser Update Here ::..


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    ..:: Cruiser Update Here ::.. Empty ..:: Cruiser Update Here ::..

    Post by StpGsm-Bdg™ on 27.08.09 10:37

    ..:: New release: S1 Flasher & Unlocker v2.05 - Instant S1 unlock, GUI in many langs ::..

    Cruiser Suite S1 Flasher & Unlocker v2.05

    While other teams' solutions of unlock SonyEricsson S1 platform based
    phones are mostly offline and unavailable (even though they keep
    selling their logs),
    we bring a new update of our alternative 24/7 online proven instant S1
    unlock solution. S1 Flasher & Unlocker is now talking to you in
    many languages. Understanding English is not mandatory anymore.

    S1 Flasher & Unlocker
    has this worldwide unique feature- Unlock-by-Patch via Server, in signed mode.

    -All you need is an account on the Cruiser Suite server and some Supreme Credits.
    -If you do not need this feature, you can still use the application without it, completely standalone.
    -Supreme credits consumption for new security S1 platform is the same as in SE Full Unlocker (click here to see the consumption policy table).
    -Supported phone: all S1 Neptune and Locosto phones, including J132,
    K330, R300, R306, T250, T280, T303, Z250, Z320, F305, S302, W302, W395.

    Version 2.05 [090323]

    -Updated user interface translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish,Vietnamese)
    -Updated user interface translations (Chinese, Indonesian)
    -You can switch between languages of S1 Flasher & Unlocker user interface in the Settings tab
    -Minor fixes

    Version 2.03 [090312]

    -Fixed occasional K330 'Sending loader' issue
    -Updated user interface translations (Polish)

    Version 2.01 [090305]

    -fixed re-typing of Cruiser Suite server IP issue in Settings.

    Version 2.00 [090305]

    -Unique feature: Unlock-by-patch via Server
    -Supports all S1 Locosto and S1 Neptune with new security
    -Instant and available 24/7 - no more scheduling & waiting
    -Fast patching of your current firmware or flash-and-patch at once
    -Minor updates

    Download from Cruiser Suite Downloads Section or directly from this .


    A fraction of supreme credit is consumed prior to the unlock procedure
    to prevent resource abuse. If anything goes wrong, credit stays
    consumed. In such case we recommend to proceed with flash-and-unlock
    using a verified firmware. Those can be downloaded from our support
    area. If you need supreme credits, Click here to visit our resellers list.

    Thanks go to all translators.


    Cruiser TeamCruiser

    To visit official Cruiser suite, Click here.
    Clik here to visit official forum Cruiser suite section.

    Cruiser V.13.21 : Cruiser_v13.21_installer.rar.html

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