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    P910i Hang in Sonny Ericsson Logo Done by:Cruiser


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    P910i Hang in Sonny Ericsson Logo Done by:Cruiser

    Post by raskal_86 on 24.05.09 3:37

    System diagnostics passed.
    Version 13.20 ready!

    [ --- Attach to Phone --- ]
    Connecting via Fighter USB Cable...
    Powering on the phone...
    Baseband chip ID: 0x5B08
    Protocol version: 2.1
    Booting via ROM...
    Trying CID29 applet...
    Sending applet prologue...
    Sending applet body...
    RSA protection feature ACTIVE.
    Time spent entering bootstrap: 3s
    Initializing phone hardware...
    Baudrate = 230400Bd
    Defeating RSA protection...
    Applet ID: 030820 1010 BACCXC1325345_RECOVERY_...
    Phone hardware initialized OK
    Firmware: Unidentified

    [ --- Flash AVR --- ]
    Flash file: "P910i_P910c_Phone_CXC162042_R4A006_signed.AVR.flp"
    Waiting for flash file to load...
    Sending flash applet...
    Baudrate = 921600Bd
    Programming flash...
    Time: 00:01:05
    Flash process done.

    [ --- Detach Phone --- ]
    Terminating threads...
    All threads terminated.


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