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    Vepro repairing tutorial with screenshot and complete instructions


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    Vepro repairing tutorial with screenshot and complete instructions

    Post by Manole on 24.05.09 4:24

    Phone model:
    N95 2 sim pda 18 pin

    1. on vepro main soft log on to botton spy define
    2. on spy define tab select mtk chip(usual in most china phones)
    3. select pins in my case it's 18 pin
    4. on spy mode, choose between mtk fast
    or all pin mode

    5. click spy define(instruction will pop and click ok) you must hold
    power button and keep it holding until cpu will be detected and pinouts
    will be automatically configured by the box itself, but in my case cpu
    is not detected

    6. now click set define

    7.back to main tab of vepro main software(since in my case cpu is not detected i chose soft VE-MTK_3.1(622x cercpty)

    8. click run

    9. software open and click format since i want to fix autoshut off and remove lock code.

    phone now successfully formatted and is properly working

    PL2303 USB To COM7
    Connecting VE-Dongles.
    VE-Dongles SN:05F1080D-05000E56
    VE-Dongles Version:V2.3 Datetime:2007-09
    VE-Dongles data verify successed.
    register file is activate.
    file info.:GuangZhou VicEasy Company MTK6226
    open comport:COM7
    please turnon your phone ,until connect success(press F4 Abort).
    connecting mobile phone.
    CPU Model:6226
    downloading bootloader files ...
    bootloader files version:02.09
    CPU Name:MT6226
    CPU Type:6226
    CPU VER:8A02
    CPU SW:8A01
    flash type:[SAMSUNG] K5L2931CAM
    flash ID:00EC257E (25082501) [104]
    flash size:01000000 (16.0M)
    Ext RAM size:00400000 Int RAM Size:00040000
    format flash...
    >>operation done.

      Current date/time is 17.01.19 17:20